YogaMobility is a charity registered (1137754) in England and Wales.  The charity was incorporated in February 2010, having functioned as an informal community group, founded and operated by Mary Madhavi, for more than 30 years.


YogaMobility aims to:

  • Promote, improve and protect good health and well being through the practice of yoga
  • Assist in the treatment of adults with physical or mental disabilities by providing yoga to disabled people, their carers and families
  • Advance the education of the public in yoga
  • Offering Yoga based practice that is not currently available in a safe place where the teacher has the training, support, and appropriate equipment to work with you in a meaningful way.
  • A place where their disability is not seen as a disadvantage when trying to take part in exercise and expression of self. Learning to exercise within your own capacity and realise that anyone can exercise what ever your problems.
  • Where the basis is learning as a student rather than being a patient.
  • The idea is to encourage ways to relax the mind, increase breathing capacity, develop a positive personal philosophy. Learn to eat well, to relax mind and body and say Yes to Life rather than be held down by the diagnosis given.
  • To learn coping skills towards a better and fulfilled life with the pain a person may live with.
  • To find a new outlook, new friends, communicate and share experience as a way of helping oneself and others. To give help and encouragement of those newly diagnosed with any form of disability.

Why we provide this service

These groups are filling a huge gap in services for those with a disability of any form. When a person has a disability suddenly the world is a different shape, a different place. Each person has to learn to negotiate the world again. How friends, work colleagues, even family perceive this change can make a person feel alienated, overwhelmed and alone.

We offer a service that is there to enable a person to take charge of themselves once again. To work with the body to encourage strength, to find ways to calm and relax, to find ways to feel that life has possibilities and purpose once again.

Physical exercise is a vital part of this and a dynamic way to deal with and cope with physical and psychological problems. Giving people a chance that is not available in the public domain to learn new skills, develop mobility and strength in a safe and happy environment.

We use Yoga as the main form of exercise and philosophy as it can be developed and adapted to the needs of anyone, whatever their abilities or disabilities, to improve the body and the mind. These practices have practical ways to encourage confidence, empowerment, new abilities, whether you can move only one finger or whether you can stand upon your head.

When a person enters these groups they are included immediately, made at home, and helped towards happiness on many levels.


  • Tim Watkins (Chair)
  • Freda Young (Treasurer)
  • Joanna Leigh
  • Oliver Townsend
  • Judith Bryant-Plenty
  • Frank Edwards
  • Nick Howitt
  • Jodie Hill

Yoga Tutors

  • Ms Mary Madhavi (Founder/Director & Tutor)
  • Mr Jason Riseborough (Director & Tutor)

Annual Accounts and Report

YogaMobility submits copies of our annual accounts and annual reports to Companies House and the Charity Commission. However, because we are a small charity, they are not freely available on either regulator’s website. If you wish to see our accounts please send an email to and mark it for the attention of the treasurer.