A big thank you to our supporters

YogaMobility would like to take this opportunity to thank the individuals and organisations that have supported us this year.

After running as an unregistered charity for more than 30 years, YogaMobility reached the £5,000 turnover threshold for registering as a charity in 2009, allowing us to become a registered charity in February 2010. This year could mark another landmark, as by the end of the financial year, YogaMobility expects to have grown past the £25,000 turnover threshold that means we will no longer be classed as a small charity.

We are particularly grateful for the hard work of our Yoga Events Committee who have helped raise more than £1,000 this year, including £700 from our annual garden party (no mean feat given the appalling weather this summer) £300 from the sponsored hobble and £100 from the clothes swap in September.

We are also grateful to the Funky Love Posse who donate the proceeds of their gigs to YogaMobility, adding an additional £2,000 a year to our unrestricted reserves.

This year we have also received significant grant funding to allow us to continue to fund our classes at Sbectrwm Community Enterprise Centre and Roath Church House, and to allow us to open a new class in 2013. So far this year we have received £17,041 in grants:

  • £10,000  toward the costs of running four YogaMobility classes from Comic Relief (Small Grants)
  • £4,700 for the tutors fees for one class for one year from Santander Community Fund
  • £1,352 toward the costs of opening a new class from Co-operative Community Fund
  • £989 toward the cost of new equipment from Sport Relief Community Cash

Finally, we would like to thank all of our members and supporters whose donations add up to more than £5,000 every year.

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