Cardiff West MP and AM join Yoga Mobility for a morning

Members of the YogaMobility group at Sbectrwm Community Centre welcomed Mark Drakeford AM and Kevin Brannen MP to their class today (Thursday 1st September).  The meeting was arranged by Joseph Carter from MS Society Cymru as part of an initiative to highlight the way voluntary organisations can support people disabled by multiple sclerosis and other conditions.

Members of YogaMobility affected by a range of conditions (including MS, arthritis, cystic fybrosis, heart disease, head injuries and mental health problems) were able to explain how yoga practice helps them to remain physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. The group also pointed out the importance of the social engagement that would otherwise be lacking were it not for their yoga classes.

YogaMobility members were also able to raise their concerns about the current funding climate that leaves them struggling to maintain their classes and makes it difficult to develop new classes despite interest from people across Wales (more than 80% of YogaMobility’s funding comes from private donations and private fundraising events).

YogaMobility members were delighted that Mark and Kevin agreed to join in with the class, participating in about 30 minutes of exercise before having to leave for another appointment.

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