Yoga Helps Women with Fibromyalgia

A new study published in the Journal of Pain Research has found that women with Fibromyalgia (FM) can benefit from a programme of yoga.

The women in the study were better able to deal with pain following a 10 week yoga programme.  However, the study did not find an improvement in the depression that often accompanies FM, which has been found in other studies on the effects of yoga.

The findings suggest that yoga may have a generally beneficial effect on pain management.  This is both because of improved mindfulness and because yoga appears to increase the levels of the hormone Cortisol in participants.

The authors of the study – which is intended as a pilot for a larger study in the future – acknowledge the weaknesses in their methodology.  The study was small – just 22 participants – and there was no control group.  Nevertheless, the results do indicate a need for a larger study using a Randomised Controlled Trial method.

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